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March 26th: Today's Devotional presented by pastor Forde


april 4th, 2020:  church Service is remote only this week - click on message link below to view service

Presenter: Jeff Carlson

Message: Remember the Value

important church update - 03/17/2020

Dear Church Family,

I want to write you to talk about some upcoming issues related to church due to the spread of the Coronavirus.  As of this writing the state of Kansas is recommending gatherings of no more than 50 people and the Center for Disease Control has recommended gatherings of no more than 10.  I suspect in the coming days Kansas will follow the CDC's recommendations.   After consulting with the Kansas-Nebraska Conference and with our church board we think it would be wise to cancel our services at church at least for the next two weeks.  We will evaluate the circumstances in the future as they come regarding the church services and let you all know as soon as we can going forward. 


Just because we will not have service at the building of the church doesn't mean we stop being the church.  We are currently planning a service and will either utilize live stream or we will record one before hand and upload it to our website for everyone to access. We will let you all know for sure what will happen on Friday with instructions on how to access it. 


These next two weeks, (or perhaps longer) would be a good opportunity to connect in small groups and perhaps that is what we can do this Sabbath.  Again, the CDC was recommending no more than 10.  I would encourage those who are ill, elderly, have weakened immune systems due to chronic lung, heart, or diabetes, to stay home. For the rest of us we can still reach out to each other and connect for a small group gathering or by phone.     


We do not know how long these measures will have to be in place for.  If it is longer than the two weeks then we will probably move to a live stream service Sabbath morning.  Let's be in touch with each other.  Reach out to your friends and family.  Especially the elderly in our church and those who have health struggles.  Let us know if there are needs...food, clothing, or other issues.  Some people may be struggling financially because of work.  Let's try to take care one another in these circumstances. 


There will likely be more to follow.  Please be checking your emails, our church website wichitaadvenstist.org for updates.  Also, please pass this message on to those who may not be technologically minded through phone or word of mouth. 


Thanks and God bless.


Pastor Travis





The Wichita South Health Food Store Will Be Closed Until Further Notice

The Conference Office is closed to the public through April 3, 2020.  Office personnel are still available during regular office hours.  Please call ahead if you need supplies or want access to the ABC for food